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Sue Hopgood – Engage-Restorative Practices RJ Facilitator, RJ Trainer

Edmonton, Edmonton (city), Alberta, Canada
  • Credentials - Bachelor of Criminal Justice w/ Distinction, Athabasca UniversityRestorative Justice Certificate, Simon Fraser UniversityCorrectional Servies Diploma w/Honors, MacEwan UniversityCommunity Conference Facilitation, Transformative Justice AustraliaCommunity Conference Training, Transformative Justice AustraliaFacilitating Serious Offences, IIRPFacilitating Dialogue Between Victims & Offenders, FRCJIA, Dave GustafsonPeacemaking Circle Training I and II, Kay PranisIntegrating Neuroscience & RJ, FRCJIA, Raj DashiUnderstanding & Managing High Conflict People, High Conflict Institute, Bill Eddy
  • Experience - Restorative Practices, Engage-RP 2014 - CurrentCoordinator, Facilitator, Trainer, Alberta Conflict Transformation Society, 1999-2014Contracts for Conflict Resolution:Edmonton Public School Board, 2002 - CurrentAlberta Education, 2017 - CurrentEdmonton Police Service, 1999 - 2014Alberta Justice/Solicitor General, 1999 - 2014Alta Care Resources 2017 - 2018

I am passionate about restorative practices, conflict resolution and relationship building.

I have worked in restorative justice/practices for almost 25 years as a program coordinator, facilitator, trainer and consultant. As a facilitator, I have worked extensively in schools, police agencies, the criminal justice system and communities. I have facilitate over 800 community conferences, ranging from grade one name-calling to homicide.

As a trainer, I have conducted over 75 3-day Community Conference Facilitator Trainer sessions in a variety of settings, including educators, police, lawyers, social workers, and community members.

Creating a Restorative Culture in Your School/Classroom/Agency is a one day workshop. Participants will learn how to implement the principles of restorative practices proactively, focusing on relationship building, global problem solving, responsibility/accountability, feeling identification, language patterns and circle meetings.




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    Sue Hopgood

    I am passionate about relationship building, conflict resolution and restorative practices, transforming the lives of people affected by conflict and crime. Relationships are critical to all successful industries and communities. I am skilled at facilitating harm reparation, healing and reconciliation, in order to build healthy, respectful and safe environments for communities, schools and agencies.