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  • Credentials - Chartered Mediator - a designation of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada.  This involves a minimum of 180 hours of training, passing assessments and completing 15 mediations.  There is a code of conduct as well as an ongoing committment to professional development. Introduction to Restorative Practices, Real Justice Conference Facilitation, and Using Circles Effectively from the International Institute of Restorative Practices. Masters of Education with a Diploma in Adult Education from the University of Alberta.
  • Experience - Eight years experience mediating.  Currently on two Alberta Justice rosters (Family and Civil Court) and with the Farm Debt Mediation Program.  Have done multi-party mediations. Set-up restorative justice programs on First Nations. Have done community conferencing. Have prepared 40 Gladue reports which are pre-sentencing reports for Indigenous offenders that look at restorative alternatives to incarceration.

As a skilled mediator, facilitator and program developer, I help people identify their needs and the process that will best fit the situation.

I have eight years experience as a mediator in facilitating conversations between people who are in conflict.  I do this in small claims court, with divorcing and separating parents and between farmers and their debtors.  I have done other types of mediation including resource company/landowner, estate, eldercare, union/employer and parent/teen.

I set up a restorative justice program on several First Nations with the Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council.  This included facilitating monthly volunteer engagement meetings with everything from conceptual content to role plays.  I have worked intensely with people in restorative processes on First Nations for several years.  I did a strategic planning session with the Nihiyaw Weyesowewin (Cree way of giving direction) Program on the Bigstone Cree Nation.




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    Monica Kreiner

    I have 8 years experience as a mediator working on two Alberta Justice Rosters (Family and Civil Court) and the Farm Debt Mediation Roster. I have worked on First Nations setting up restorative justice programs. I have done community conferencing and led multi-party mediations. I'm trained by the International Institute of Restorative Practices in Real Justice Conference Facilitation and Using Circles Effectively.